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Are replacement windows a good investment?

Yes, replacement windows can be a great investment. Replacing your old windows dramatically increases the energy-efficiency of your home, which can save several hundred dollars a year on heating and cooling costs.

New windows also improve the safety and security of your home. This is especially true if your windows have rotting wood frames or broken hardware.

Another reason to replace your windows is to increase your home’s resell value. According to real estate experts, replacement windows return 85% of your investment. Outdated windows can dissuade buyers, lower your asking price, and keep your home on the market longer. Even if a potential buyer is willing to overlook window damage, it’s one of the things that comes up most often on home inspections.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We work with Medallion Bank to offer stress-free financing options for homeowners in Virginia and North Carolina. For more information, click here or call 1-866-671-0201. 

Do you ship windows and doors outside Virginia?

Yes, we manufacture windows and doors for customers across the United States. A building plan or a list of window sizes and specifications is required to place an order. Installation must be arranged by the customer. Shipping via common carrier. 

Help! There's a problem with my CVP windows, what should I do?

Simply give us a call at 757-887-3194 or email info@customvinyl.net. Our office hours are 7:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday. We will respond promptly to your request. 

How long does it take from the time I order until my windows are installed?

Depending on the scope of the project, we can usually have your new windows and doors installed within 5-6 weeks of signing the contract. A 60% deposit is required at the time of sale (as check, credit card, or financing).

Within 48 hours of contract execution, our General Manager will schedule a time to measure your window or door openings. Once we have the measurements, we can begin fabrication, which typically takes about 3 weeks.

Within an additional two weeks, we can typically schedule and complete your installation. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your job to make it as easy and as stress-free as possible.

How much do CVP replacement windows cost?

People often ask why we don’t sell a $189 window or run promotions. It’s because our mission statement is to “always do the right thing.” When it comes to pricing, that means upfront, everyday fair pricing on factory-direct windows and doors.

Unlike the big box stores, every window we produce is custom-designed and built-to-order. We offer five different window styles, plus several high-performance Low-E glass options. The design options we offer are truly limitless. What doesn’t change is our commitment to quality.

A few of our competitors have a reputation for “upselling” options and services that should be standard. Even our base-model window is EnergyStar® certified, carries a DP rating of 50, and features Low E-270 glass. Compare and see the difference!

If you’d like a quote, call us. We're happy to discuss the options and visit your home for a free, no-obligation estimate.

The cost of replacement windows varies widely (but always exceeds $189.) We suggest that you get estimates from several window or door companies. Before you buy, call CVP! We typically deliver the best value for performance in Virginia and beyond.

What are the advantages of vinyl?

Vinyl windows and doors are affordable, virtually maintenance-free, and offer enduring energy-efficiency in all weather conditions. Vinyl is the most popular type of replacement window on the market today. It is the material of choice over wood, aluminum, and composite/fiberglass.

It’s important to note that not all vinyl is created equal. Decades ago, vinyl windows had a bad reputation for distortion and discoloration over time. CVP windows are produced with uPVC (unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride), not PVC. This engineered vinyl extrusion is strong, durable, and stands up to the damaging effects of ultra-violet light. For more information, click here. 

What do the NFRC performance standards mean?

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit trade organization that certifies windows and doors using standardized criteria. All reputable window and door manufacturers submit their products for testing. Ask to see the NFRC label for any product you’re considering before you sign a contract. For more information, visit nfrc.org.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • U-Value:   The U-value (or factor) indicates how much heat flows through the window. A lower number means the window will insulate better.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:         A measure of the amount of solar heat absorbed through a window, which is especially important during the summer months.
  • EnergyStar®:      A program of the Environmental Protection Agency to help consumers make well-informed purchase decisions on energy-efficient products.
  • DP Rating:           Design Pressure (DP) ratings indicate how well the product can withstand structural load, water pressure, and air infiltration (wind). A higher value indicates a more durable product.

All CVP windows and doors meet or exceed EnergyStar® standards and are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC). Visit our performance data page to learn more.

Our windows also carry a DP rating of 50, which means they’ve been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 173 mph. 

What should I look for in replacement windows?

While price is an important consideration, do a detailed comparison to make sure you’re getting the best overall value. Every window and door comes with an NFRC label that gives you a standardized rating of performance.

CVP Windows & Doors feature the industry’s leading Low-E, Argon-insulated glass units. Designed to reflect radiant heat and block UV rays, our double and triple-pane window systems keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They also help reduce environmental noise.

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