A Wood-to-Vinyl Window Replacement Solution that's Easy and Elegant

Friday, April 26th, 2019 by Barry Taylor

Restoration Series Wood-to-Vinyl Window Replacement

The appeal of Virginia’s colonial-style homes is timeless. Unfortunately, their wood windows don’t have the same staying power. If your home was built over a decade ago, it’s not uncommon to have broken or rotting wood window frames. This is the natural result of the Southeast’s coastal climate, with its relentless heat, moisture, and humidity.

Traditional homes are popular in our area, especially in Coastal Virginia’s upscale planned communities. It’s easy to love their traditional wood-frame windows, brick or wood-siding, symmetrical design, and stately dormers. However, most people don’t love the work of maintaining, sealing and repairing their wood windows year after year.

If you’re considering a wood window replacement, we have great news! Today’s vinyl replacement windows have achieved a level of efficiency and quality to suit even the most distinctive traditional home. Our solution gives you the classic good looks of a wood window plus the energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience of the industry’s best vinyl windows.

The Leading Wood-to-Vinyl Window Replacement Solution

Our wood-to-vinyl window solution restores your home’s classic beauty and gives you durability, energy-efficiency, and peace of mind. Custom Vinyl Products is the only company to offer a true architecturally-correct vinyl replacement window.

To get technical for a minute, our custom-built vinyl windows are available with a WM 180 brickmould vinyl (uPVC) trim. This is the trim grade preferred by architects and required by many homeowners associations. The result is a complete uPVC window that is seamlessly engineered to resemble a traditional wood frame window.

In short, we build a maintenance-free, high-performance replacement window to match your existing wood windows. Our process produces results that are so visually accurate many homeowners choose to replace their windows in phases -- two or three at a time.

Compared to wood replacement windows, CVP Restoration Series replacement windows have several benefits:


Unlike wood, vinyl windows never need to be painted, scraped, or stained, and are easy to clean. Since they are made from polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), vinyl windows won't rust or corrode and are very durable in general.

Eliminate wood rot and prevent structural damage

Our full-frame replacement method (also known as a “total tear out” or “full frame replacement”) removes the original window down to the rough opening. This allows us to inspect for, and fix, any underlying structural damage before the new window is installed.

Durable and energy-efficient

CVP windows feature the industry’s leading Low-E, Argon-insulated glass units. Designed to reflect radiant heat and block UV rays, our double- and triple-pane window systems keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They also help reduce environmental noise. In addition, our windows all carry a DP rating of 50 or better, which means they will stand up to hurricane-force winds.


CVP vinyl windows are generally more affordable than comparable wood-frame windows. We invite you to compare and see the difference for yourself. We offer free, no-obligation estimates and upfront, everyday fair pricing. We have a reputation for providing the best value for performance in Virginia.

Is a Wood-to-Vinyl Window Replacement Right for Your Home?

We are committed to helping you restore the beauty of your windows while protecting the long term value of your home. If you have rotting wood windows and moisture damage, give us a call. These conditions worsen over time and can create more expensive problems in the future.

Our sales and executive team has combined 125 years of experience in the homebuilding industry. As part of our free estimate, we will assess the condition of your existing wood windows and recommend an approach that’s right for you.

Request your free Wood-to-Vinyl Window Replacement consultation today! Give us a call at 757-887-3194 or CLICK HERE to fill out a form!

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